Speak to us of Freedom – making the mould

The Gibran Sculpture Series


With the clay model finished last week, today we completed covering the finished clay model with silicone rubber.  The next stage is to cover it with fibreglass resin to make the piece mould that will go to the foundry next week.  They will take a Christmas break between Dec 24 and Jan 5 2021, so my New Year blog will be News from the Studio.
In case you missed it, this is the intermediate enlargement of ‘Speak to us of Freedom’ in my Kahlil Gibran series.
Abstract bronze sculpture of couple kissing.
The silicone mould around the clay model.
So here is the pink silicone mould.  In this picture, the clay model is inside.  The next step is to peel the mould from around the clay.  At that stage it’s really quite floppy, so it needs to be made rigid to be useful.  To do that it will have fibreglass put on the outside, and the result will be a very accurate mould in silicone.
See the finished Speak to us of Freedom sculpture here.

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