Victor Ludorum

Bronze Sculpture - Victor Ludorum

Project Details

Dimensions (cm): 30 x 40 x 52 (w x d x h)

Weight: 11.4kg

Date: 1994

Victor Ludorum

This young athlete is a bronze casting, mounted on a wooden plinth, with all four sides made deep enough and angled to take individual silver shields to mark a number of years of award winners at a school where such an award would be deemed appropriate.

Whenever I look at it I find myself wondering whether it is a diver or a gymnastic tumbler.  Whichever it is, it is the final stride before they perform their athletic feat.

As I made it quite awhile ago it is time I gifted it to a suitable establishment. I am sure one day the opportunity will present itself… things usually happen for a reason!

I hope that one day I will meet the winner of a VICTOR LUDORUM, receiving this award on which they would have their name engraved, with the date, on a silver shield.

Victor Ludorum

Victor Ludorum

Victor Ludorum - sculpture in bronze

Victor Ludorum – sculpture in bronze


Victor Ludorum

Victor Ludorum

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