A Day in the Park - a semi-abstract bronze sculpture of two figures, one male, one female, sitting close together. The female is bending over.

Fine Art bronze maquette 34 x 18 x 13cm (h x w x d)

A Day in the Park – Fine Art Bronze Sculpture

This work is currently cast as a maquette, but can also be made life size.

There are Hepworth influences here undoubtedly, but also a touch of Henry Moore.  This is one of my relatively early pieces.  I like to think of this sculpture as a happy couple on a nice warm, sunny day, having taken a large picnic basket and a couple of bottles of chilled white wine into the park for a long, lazy, very relaxed day out. 
I see them perhaps on the south-facing slope of the north bank of the Serpentine in London’s Hyde Park. It’s a lovely day in April or early May.

Hence, A Day in the Park.

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