Commissioned in West Ashling near Bosham and Chichester in West Sussex, UK, this fine stone circle was built in 2015 of ‘found stones’ from Devon and Cornwall.

Many farmers have large fallen stones on their properties often half buried in hedges and no longer featuring as they should on the landscape.  Of course no one knows the history of these individual stones but these particular ones have been used to make an important new sculptural feature adjacent to the South Downs 3 miles from the ancient Roman city of Novimagnus Reginorum now known as Chichester.

Stone circles or an individual stone can sometimes be commissioned depending on the availability of the actual stones. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your proposed project if you would like help or advice.

Stone Circle looking North
Standing Stones standing proud of a sea of buttercups and daisies

The site had all the topsoil removed in preparation for the arrival of the stones.  Fresh topsoil was imported and then wildflower turf supplied, laid and installed by the same company who designed and placed the wildflower gardens at the Olympic Park in London for 2012.

The Sussex Stones with a backdrop of trees

I would be happy to undertake a commission to build your own stone circle if you would like me to.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Click on ‘About’ for contact details.

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