Project Details

Dimensions: 19cm x 18cm x 36cm (w x h x d)

Weight: 3.8kg

Date: 1988

No. in Edition: 8


An artist’s proof of the maquette of an engaging and quizzical little figure, to cast in bronze as an edition of 8.  This work was cast by the famous Burleighfield Foundry in 1988.

Somehow the patination on the bronze seems to work particularly well for her.  The creation of a patina is something of a black art.  Science is used in the chemicals and the mechanical polishing, but the result is pretty well intangible and yet magical.  Foundries guard the secrets of their patination techniques like Coca Cola guard their recipe!

When I first had this bronze cast, and it was seen by various visiting children, several of them thought that it was ‘ET’,  the character from the Stephen Spielberg film, which I thought was rather sweet.

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