…but there are sculptures in sight!

with apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge!

As I said last week, work continues apace in the studios and there’s masses of it!

Here is one of the originals from the Gibran Sculpture Series – The Prophet called ‘Speak to us of Crime and Punishment‘.  It’s a small bronze maquette, resting on a work stand.  Next to it, there is a pantograph, which is set up to be a mechanical magnifier.  The enlarger uses the pantograph to faithfully reproduce the sculpture, in an enlarged size.  He makes the new, enlarged sculpture in clay and then makes a mould from it.  Eventually, after a few more processes, bronze is poured into a mould and that’s the beginning of the finished sculpture!

Original sculpture being enlarged

Here is ‘Speak to us of Crime and Punishment’ from the Gibran Sculpture Series – ‘The Prophet’.  In front of it is the pantograph tool used to create the enlarged version.

Wax models ready for moulding in the workshop

Here is the freshly-delivered, modelling clay.  It’s very heavy so it comes on small pallets.  It is wrapped in polythene to keep it moist and workable.  Once it dries it hardens and becomes unusable.

As I said, there are many steps involved to get an original, small, wax sculpture to a finished, full-size work of art.  I’ll show you all the steps as we go along…

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