A New Enlargement – 2…

Following on from last week, for part of the centenary celebrations of Kahlil Gibran‘s ‘The Prophet‘, I’ve decided to make a number of new large sculptures.  The works are offered as a tribute to collectors and Gibran devotees, as part of the Gibran Sculpture Series.

Here is the next step – applying clay to the steel armature.

The work is called ‘Speak to us of Crime and Punishment‘ and I created the original bronze maquette some years ago.

The first layer of clay

Here is Richard Clarke, a specialist enlarger, applying the first layer of clay to the stell armature I showed you in the previous post.

As you can see, at this stage it’s fairly crude, and that’s because the objective is to get the clay to stick to (and around) the steel to provide a very firm foundation for the finishing layer.  The clay is added in relatively large blobs and shaped to roughly the right shape.

The left forearm has yet to have any clay applied, so you can see the steel poking out of the upper arm.

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