A new armature!

Yesterday I went to the workshops where we have made a new steel armature for a 2.2 metre fine art bronze sculpture of a work I have named:


An armature is the mechanism, the ‘internal scaffolding’, by which we support the clay as we build the sculpture in its initial stages.

This work echoes some of the words from a poem of that name by Kahlil Gibran from his famous book The Prophet which has sold millions and millions of copies world-wide, making him the third most published poet of all time. Shakespeare being the first.

Our next stage is making the clay model and taking the scaled measurements from my original smaller work, using a pantograph tool.

Working by hand puts life and soul into a finished work which a computerised 3D enlargement never does.

In case you’re interested, I’ve put a larger version of the photo below.  On the small bench you can see the original bronze from which we are scaling up.  The ordered jumble of vertical steel rods is the armature onto which the clay is going to go as the next stage.  Richard Clarke, the enlarger, who is really talented at this stuff, is standing behind holding the pantograph tool which is a sort of mechanical magnifier used to accurately replicate every tiny detail of the original onto the new enlarged clay.

Click on the photo for a video about the process.

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